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Weekly Share

Weekly Share:  Enjoy 8 weeks of our Field Fresh Sleeve ~  Our fresh flowers plus greenery wrapped in brown Kraft paper for you to arrange in your own vase for your home, work space, or as a special gift. $20/week = $160/season.

Choose any 8 Thursdays from June 1st through October 1st (weather permitting) and pick up your flowers between 4:00 - 6:00 pm each Thursday at the Blue Door Farm.  

Optional weekly delivery of your share within 20 miles ~ to the same address each week: Add $56 for the season (= $7 per week).

Register for your Weekly Share at Robin@bluedoorfarm.com with an email, and we will send you a link to the order form. A link to the 2017 season's order from will be added to this website page very soon!

When you choose a bouquet subscription and pay in advance for a share of the season’s harvest, you help cover the cost of seed and equipment during the winter off-season and share the risk of inclement weather.  You will also be the first to enjoy the abundant bounty! We want you to enjoy fresh local flowers on a regular basis in addition to special occasions.

We support the expanding American-grown field to vase flower movement. Currently 80% of the cut flowers sold in the United States are grown overseas, heavily treated with chemicals in the field and before shipping to prolong their storage life, cut and stored weeks or months in advance, and then shipped dry in freight boxes by air.  

In contrast, our flowers come straight to your table from our fields. 

We grow all of our flowers from seed to vase here at the farm. Each stem is cut by hand, always kept fresh in water, and delivered within a day of harvest. Local flowers are noticeably fresher and particularly beautiful because they are not stressed nor bred for long-distance shipping. 

We provide the very best of each season right here at home.

Treat yourself to incredibly fresh flowers in vibrant colors, striking shapes, and heirloom varieties that are only available locally!

Monthly Flower Delivery Grand Junction & Weekly Flowers Grand Junction

Get your weekly flowers Grand Junction and Monthly Flower delivery Grand Junction for great prices